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ATTENTION: Mooring owners sign up for free and become one of your local harbours eye on each others boats. If you spot anything which the owner should know about leave a message on their listing and the owner will receive a notification via email.

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  • I currently have membership at RMYS and a pen in E Row.
    Ultimately I need to move Aoma and sell her.
    I’m wondering if there are any swing moorings anywhere I can use?

  • admin:

    St Kilda Harbour – What looks like a wooden boat with 2 masts has had its mainsail come loose from the boom in todays strong winds. If you know the owner let them know.

  • admin:

    For any people with a mooring located in Melbourne – St kilda – I will keep an eye on them and post anything I see here. This is the view I get so if your boat is visible in the picture below consider adding it to this site.stkildaharbour.jpg

  • Ken Case:

    i am considering purchasing a 39ft yacht from Melbourne which i will eventually bring back to Adelaide. Could you please tell me availability and cost of a temporary mooring.
    My contact details are:
    kcase at aeusa dot asn dot au
    carol.laverick at bigpond dot com
    mobile 0408 085 730

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