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Boats being sent into open water – Minister for Transport

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Description: Boats being sent into open water Keep off the water is the blunt message to boaties during the current flood crisis, Transport Minister Rachel Nolan warned this afternoon. With continuing flash flooding, unprecedented heavy rains and Brisbane River levels so high, Maritime Safety Queensland is set to send all vessels moored in the Port of Brisbane into open sea. Ms Nolan said boat owners should secure their vessels as best they can with flood levels set to rise in coming days. “These floods have no precedent and there is no end in sight. No Queenslander should be on the water during this period apart from emergency services,” she said. “Safety is paramount. All boats are being sent out of the Port of Brisbane into open water because, frankly, it’s safer for them there.” Ms Nolan said the combination of rising rivers, record flood peaks, king tides and more dam releases in Brisbane simply made the ocean a safer place to be. “The dangers for boaties right across the state are significant and not always visible under the brown water,” she said. “Dangerous debris underwater could seriously damage vessels and undercurrents are so strong it’s easy to lose control.” Ms Nolan encouraged people to check the weather bureau for the latest weather warnings, tidal conditions and wind warnings. Access Notices to Mariners are available at Safety tips to securing your vessel: · Position the vessel facing upstream to avoid damaging adjacent vessels. · On marinas and jetties it is not advised to use chain to secure a boat – use suitable rope which has more “give”. · Double up on mooring lines and check that they are sound and the right size. · Check all boat cleats and other moorings fittings. · Store all loose gear such as boat hooks, buckets, fishing tackle floats and life rings below decks. Remove all deck furniture. · Secure hatches. · Reduce wind loading to a minimum and remove furled sails and covers. · If possible remove bimini covers and roll up or remove any clears around the vessel. · Deflate and store inflatable dinghies. · Disconnect shore power leads and water hoses. · Check all bilge pumps are operational and ensure all self draining openings are clear and will remain so. · If your vessel is attached to a swing mooring ensure the chain has been inspected before the storm season. · Mooring chain can wear out after 12 months or so depending upon size and area where the mooring is located.
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Longitude: 153.05585861206055
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